Cagibye, the end of Cagibi

These last years have been rough for the Cagibi, for queer spaces and for social economy. We’re very sad to tell you that we will close definitely this spring. Between the lockdowns, the ceilings collapsing and, mostly, the fact that we’re getting evicted from our space, we’ve had to decide that it is the end of this adventure.

We have maintained this project, which was one of the last autonomous spaces to have survived the last two years, as long as we could. We thank you so much for being there with us, and during the next weeks, we will still be open for the events that were already scheduled, to which we hope you will participate so that our goodbyes end on a loving note!


Tote bags inspired by our decor, designed by @la.lune.est.en.sagittaire, printed by @coupdgriffe with the help of @by_the_blank_magic.
Stickers created by !

un tote bag avec une image à l'effigie d'un bibelot, ainsi que des autocollants

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