La Cagiboutique

image de la cagiboutique, on y voit des chandelles, des livres, des carnets, des images encadrées, et une personne qui regarde ces objets

The Cagiboutique is the Cagibi’s art shop and bookstore. Born in the fall of 2020, The Cagiboutique was created to support artists’ needs for a physical selling space and of the Cagibi’s need to diversify its activities during the pandemic. This is a queer initiative with the purpose of offering its space to exclusively queer and trans artists and artisans. It works with a consignment system and puts forward original creations by local artists. There, you will find jewelry, notebooks, t-shirts, prints and artwork, artisanal candles, ceramics, tons of stickers, ropes and kinky gear, zines and other books (mostly self-publications), created by about 30 amazing artists all of which are quality products, often handmade, DIY and unique.

The Cagiboutique also organizes pop-up markets with our artists and other events relating to our mission, which are always announced on our social media.

Thank you for helping us highlight queer and trans imagination in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal), and for supporting artists in our community and our collective projects!

Are you a queer/trans artist who would like to join our shop? Contact us at with a picture and a description of your project and we will send you more information about how we function and the space!

Our artists

By the Blank

Handmade notebooks, magic (grimoires), blank diaries. Handbound from old hardcover or softcover books. You can also convert and upcycle your own books into notebooks!


Vert Partout

Vert Partout writes sad and gay poems and binds them into zines. He also makes stickers and prints starring weird fruits and cyborgs.

La lune est en Sagittaire

Petits stickers pour grands coeurs


Luddite Candles

Luddite candles are made in Tiohtià’ke from what I call auld wax, meaning they are made from recycled material. I collect wax from around the city, and with dainty gay hands I transform those leftovers into brand new candles to enjoy. They are “full drip” for dramatic effect, made intention and astrology awareness. You can leave wax for them at le Cagibi!


Yas Petit Poulet

Yas Petit Poulet is a Lebanese Queer illustrator & designer based in Tiohtià:ke. Their work focuses on exploring queer identities through the lens of science.

@yas.petit.poulet |site web

Colin Effray

Le Feu des Jours c'est une bande-dessinée qui est aussi queer, cryptique, DIY, douce et violente que l'auteurice tente de l'être. C'est du fantastique et c'est nominé aux prix Bédélys 2021.

FB | @colin.effray

Noeuds Editions

Nœuds Éditions publie de la fiction de longue haleine écrite par et pour celleux évoluant autour de cercles affinitaires féministes, queers, anar, punks et autres subversifs - un incubateur où nos mondes réels et imaginaires prendraient vie, dans nos mots et à notre manière.

@noeudseditions | site web

Lovestruck Prints

Lovestruck prints is a brand created by Illustrator Geneviève Darling. The driving topics for her illustrations are softness, connectedness, queerness, and cats! They create images of tenderness that are meant to be relatable, comforting, and validating while challenging heteronormative views of our society. Elements of nature are an important part of her imagery as a reminder of our belonging in the natural world and as a reflection of the deepest movements that inhabit us.

@lovestruckprints | site web

Peste Noire

[peste_noire] is a trans* run company, creating kink wear and clown apparel with pvc, chains or vegan leather // these handcrafted pieces are perfect for your street styles, your outrageous club kid apparel or your wildest dungeon fantasy.



Page après page, les carnets de Lou.Vrage prennent vie. Tachés d’encre, de peinture, de collages, parfois de larmes et souvent de mindless doodles, les voir animés est mon plaisir et les fabriquer ; mon art. 




LeeK Ceramics

LeeK Céramique est un projet de céramique que je couvre depuis quelques temps. Influencé par l’expérience du quotidien, je me force de créer des objets qui prennent leur place dans nos vies. Mon quotidien à moi est: en mouvement, simple (ouin…), queer et ludique.

@leekceramics | site web

James Lee Diamond

James Diamond is an ashkenazi Jewish settler born here. Using paint, video and music to uncover feelings. He was the first transgender man to go public with his pregnancy 14 years ago. 


Becca Love



Word of Mouth Shop



Helping Hands T-Shirts

I am Lu, a gender-queer artist and musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since relocating to Montreal, I’ve been producing textiles (such as T Shirts) as well as larger surreal acrylic paintings on unstretched canvas and found objects. My practice explores transitions, boundaries, home, shame, dinner parties and the like.


Prismatic Pocket


Coral Heart Spells

Fly Crafts and Goods

Throne of Moss





Cyan is a queer, trans and neurodivergent artist who loves making art and tattooing. Their art is inspired by the human body and the nature.


Marsel Épicène


Erin McLaughlin @princess.butthole
Guiding Thoughts Publishers website
Joni Void / Everyday Ago
Collectif Sensibilisart